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Welcome to Don Pardue's Bookstore                                  WELCOME dear visitor and friend!

I have published my website for ease of viewing details about my novels, short stories, poems and more. I also believe that through publishing various materials on my site you will get to know me and my works better.

I hope you have a grand time browsing through this site and that it will stimulate you to actually read my various works of true-life, history and whimsical poetry. And your enthousiasm will result in your subscription to my various blogs and I look forward to communicating with you via my site on various topics or looking forward to your comments about my novels and other writings.

I have recently published my sixth novel, Southern Storm. It is a sequel to my former book, Southern Sanctuary, which is another fictitious story; however, several of the depicted events are an accurate reflection of many of the entrenched attitudes in the South during the 1950’s. If the reader has previously read the first book, Southern Sanctuary, the story will smoothly flow into a continuation of the original story.

However, this novel is complete within itself; for in briefly recapturing the main events of the original story, I revealed to the reader the entire story of both novels. This narrative presents a shocking conclusion in this unusual love story and stimulating mystery. It is a continuing testimony that displays a vivid picture of revenge and vigilante justice in the South during the 1950’s. The unfolding events in this novel reveal the shocking aftermath of the first book.

Thank you for your visit.

Don Pardue

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